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Temboo REST API Basics

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posted this on May 26, 2011, 12:33


The Temboo REST API allows you to make HTTP requests to perform CRUD operations. The REST API includes methods to:

  • Retrieve a list of Choreos that you're able to run
  • Retrieve detailed information, such as inputs, status, and description data for a specific Choreo
  • Run a Choreo, optionally providing input values to use in that execution
  • Retrieve the list of currently running Choreo executions
  • Retrieve the status of a Choreo that has been executed via the API
  • Terminate a currently running Choreo execution

At a high level, HTTP GET requests are used to retrieve information from the API, such as Choreo IDs, while HTTP POST requests are used to execute Choreos. All API actions return XML data. cURL code snippets are available from the Library to show how you can use the REST API directly.

The Temboo REST API support articles contain detailed information on the set of actions supported by the API, as well as examples of HTTP requests and responses for each API operation. If you haven't worked with REST APIs before, there are useful training resources available online.

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