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Running Choreos in the Library

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posted this on January 31, 2012, 13:15

All Choreos can be called directly from the Library. This is a useful way to see the results they output, as well as to generate pre-populated code snippets you can use in your own development environment.

Important: While the Choreos in the Library are available to call as-is, it's best to install the Temboo SDK and use them in your own development environment.

To run a Choreo in the Library:

  1. Open the Choreo you want to call by clicking it in the left-hand column of the Library.
  2. Enter values in all required input fields under Inputs. There are descriptive labels above the fields to provide guidance on what to enter.

    Your entry is validated as you type, so you're alerted to any improper characters or formatting. A Choreo won't run with improper inputs, or if you leave a required input blank.
  3. If there are optional inputs, click the Optional Inputs link and decide whether you want to enter values for these as well. Not all Choreos include optional inputs.
  4. Click Run below the inputs to call the Choreo.

What to Expect from a Choreo Run

When a Choreo finishes running, results data appears in the Outputs and Code sections, and the Stop Choreo button changes to Success! Try Again? or Error. Try Again? depending on whether or not the call succeeded. A timestamp also appears above the Outputs field to indicate when the Choreo finished. You have several options for using the results.

If a Choreo call fails and you're not sure why, go here for troubleshooting information.

Note: If an API method returns raw, non-"prettyified" results, the output for its corresponding Choreo appears in the Outputs field without line breaks.

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