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Using Credentials

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posted this on June 28, 2012 16:29


Using Credentials

A Credential allows you to save commonly used API authentication information. That saved information can be used across Choreos from the Library and the SDK. You can create a Credential for any API in the Choreo Library that requires authentication.


How Credentials help

  • They live separately from your code. No more embedding passwords in your apps.
  • You can update API authentication information without updating your code. Simply change the Credential on Temboo and your code will use the new authentication information.
  • They allow you to configure Choreo input more simply from the Library or the SDK
  • You can easily connect to APIs via OAuth (without writing a line of code) using our OAuth wizard 
  • Manage API accounts from one location, your My Account page, where you can see and update all your links to other APIs at a glance 


Create a Credential 

  1. Log in to Temboo.
  2. Open the Choreo for which you'd like to create a Credential. If you don't see a link to add or manage Credentials in the right column, it means that particular Choreo doesn't require authentication inputs to run.
  3. From the right column, click + Add New
  4. In Create New Credential, enter a Name and Inputs. (Inputs will vary depending on the specific authentication required for the Choreo.)

    If you are in Run Mode and have already entered Choreo inputs, click Save Current Input to pre-fill those values into a New Credential. 

    If the Choreo requires OAuth authentication
    and has OAuth wizard functionality, follow the wizard instructions to obtain OAuth values and access. You can then insert the values into your Credential. Visit the Credential OAuth wizard page for more details.   
  5. Click Save. Your newly created Credential will appear in the right column.  

    If you're in Run Mode, you'll also see your new Credential under Insert Credential. You can use this option to insert stored Credential values into the relevant Choreo input fields.


Run a Choreo with a Credential

Once you've created a Credential, you can run a Choreo with it. 

  1. Select the Choreo you'd like to run. 
  2.  From Insert Credentials, you'll see the Credentials you've created that can run with the Choreo. Select the Credential, and click Try It Out.

    The sample code will update to use your Credential. 

  3. If you're using the SDK, copy and paste this sample code into your own code. 


Editing and Deleting Credentials

In the right column, click the Credential you'd like to manage. 

To edit : Select the Credential, make changes, then click Save

To delete: Select the Credential, then click Delete


Credentials on My Account page

You can also manage Credentials from the My Account page. All of your Credentials are listed in the Credentials section.