Change Log 6.20.2013

New and Updated Choreos in SDKs and Library

To take advantage of these new and modified Choreos, you must download a new copy of the SDK. These changes apply to all SDKs downloaded after June 20, 2013. Deprecated Choreos, or those reorganized into new subclasses, will continue to work with SDKs downloaded prior to June 20, 2013 until September 20, 2013. If you use any of the Choreos that have been deprecated or expired, please see our Deprecated and Expired Choreos page for information and support in upgrading your code to ensure your applications continue running smoothly.

  • New File Management for Storage Choreos - New Choreos that make it simple to zip up and get a shareable link to one or more files.
    • Amazon/S3/ZipBucket
    • Amazon/S3/ZipObject
    • Box/Files/ZipFile
    • Box/Folders/ZipFolder
    • Dropbox/FileOperations/ZipFolder
    • Dropbox/FileOperations/ZipFile
  • New Utility Choreos - We've reorganized and added many new utility Choreos to make it even easier to work with the data you send to and receive from APIs and databases. 
    • Utilities/DataConversions/JSONToXML
    • Utilities/DataConversions/XMLToCSV
    • Utilities/DataConversions/TSVToXML
    • Utilities/DataConversions/XLSToXML
    • Utilities/DataConversions/CSVToXML
    • Utilities/DataConversions/XMLToJSON
    • Utilities/DataConversions/TSVToJSON
    • Utilities/DataConversions/CSVToXLS
    • Utilities/DataConversions/XLSToCSV
    • Utilities/DataConversions/CSVToJSON
    • Utilities/DataConversions/XMLToXLS
    • Utilities/DataConversions/XMLToTSV
    • Utilities/DataConversions/RSSToJSON
    • Utilities/Encoding/HTMLUnescape
    • Utilities/Encoding/Base64Encode
    • Utilities/Encoding/URLDecode
    • Utilities/Encoding/URLEncode
    • Utilities/Encoding/HTMLEscape
    • Utilities/Formatting/FormatDateParameters
    • Utilities/Formatting/RemoveWhiteSpace
    • Utilities/Formatting/FormatTimestamp
    • Utilities/Hashing/HmacSHA1
    • Utilities/Hashing/Checksum
    • Utilities/HTTP/Put
    • Utilities/HTTP/Delete
    • Utilities/HTTP/Post
    • Utilities/HTTP/Get


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