Change Log 7.12.2013

New and Updated Choreos in SDKs and Library

To take advantage of new Choreos, you must download the latest copy of the SDK. These Choreos will be available in SDKs downloaded after July 12, 2013. 

  • OAuth made even simpler - All OAuth Choreos have been modified to require less inputs. 
    • 23andMe.OAuth
    • Bitly.OAuth
    • Box.OAuth
    • Disqus.OAuth
    • Dropbox.OAuth
    • Dwolla.OAuth
    • Facebook.OAuth
    • Fitbit.OAuth
    • Flickr.OAuth
    • Foursquare.OAuth
    • GitHub.OAuth
    • Google.OAuth
    • Instagram.OAuth
    • KhanAcademy.OAuth
    • LinkedIn.OAuth
    • Netflix.OAuth
    • PayPal.OAuth
    • RunKeeper.OAuth
    • Tumblr.OAuth
    • Twitter.OAuth
  • New Facebook Open Graph Choreos - We've added support for Facebook Open Graph Actions and updated some Choreos that used deprecated Facebook API calls. 
    • Facebook.Publishing.CreateCheckin and Facebook.Publishing.Post (new!) - uses Open Graph API over the deprecated CheckIn API. 
    • Facebook.Actions - New group of Open Graph Actions, including bundles for Books, Custom, Fitness, General, Music, News, and Video.
  • Google Geocoding - Added support for variable response format, allowing for return of both XML and JSON. Additional parsing for Latitude and Longitude outputs regardless of format requested.
  • Google Spreadsheets -  Added support for retrieving a single specified worksheet from spreadsheets containing more than one worksheet. 

    • Google.Spreadsheets.RetrieveWorksheet
  • LinkedIn -- Increased API coverage with new Choreos:
    • LinkedIn.PeopleAndConnections.SendMessage
    • LinkedIn.OAuth
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