Change Log 8.21.2013

New and Updated Choreos in SDKs and Library

To take advantage of these new and modified Choreos, you must download a new copy of the SDK. These changes apply to all SDKs downloaded after August 21, 2013. 

  • Zendesk - We've greatly expanded our coverage of the Zendesk API by adding support for Groups, Incremental Tickets, MonitoredTwitterHandles, Organizations, Requests, Ticket Audits, Ticket Metrics, User Identities, and Views. 
  • Utilities - Added new generic OAuth Choreos that help handle the OAuth process for any API in our Library. We also added utilities for working with XML and pattern matching and expanded existing bundles with the following Choreos:
    • Utilities/Encoding/Base64Decode - returns a specified Base64 encoded string as decoded text.

    • Utilities/Validation/JSON - determines if a specified JSON string is well-formed or not. 

  • GovTrack - Added new Choreos for committee and subcommittee queries and updated all Choreos to v2 of the GovTrack API. 
    • GovTrack/Committee - returns committees and subcommittees in the United States Congress, including historical committees.

    • GovTrack/CommitteeMember - returns records indicating the current membership of a Member of Congress on a committee or subcommittee.

  • Google Spreadsheets - We extended our support for Google Spreadsheets, adding some operations that aren't possible using the native API. We also added support for JSON responses - a big improvement over the native Atom responses. 
    • Google/Spreadsheets/RetrieveCellList - retrieves a list of cell values using specified cell locations.

    • Google/Spreadsheets/RetrieveCellValue - retrieves the value of given cell.

    • Google/Spreadsheets/RetrieveListRow - retrieves a specified worksheet row from a Google spreadsheet.

  • Facebook Open Graph - We made some minor updates to input names across all Choreos that create Facebook actions. 
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