Change Log 10.1.2013

New and Updated Choreos in SDKs and Library

To take advantage of these new and modified Choreos, you must download a new copy of the SDK. These changes apply to all SDKs downloaded after October 1, 2013. 

  • Twitter - expanded coverage of the Twitter API by adding support for Favorites, FriendsAndFollowers, Help, Lists, SuggestedUsers, Trends, Tweets and Users.
  • Instagram - expanded coverage of the Instagram API by adding the following Choreos: DeleteMediaComment, GetFollowerRequests, GetRelationship, LikeMedia, ModifyRelationship, SearchTags, SearchUsers and UnlikeMedia.
  • Google+ - expanded coverage of the Google+ API by adding support for the Google+ Domains API.
  • Arduino-friendly Choreos - added Choreos that build on existing APIs methods to retrieve data that's perfect for Internet of Things projects. 
    • Facebook.Reading - GetUnreadMessages, GetUnreadMessagesFromUser, GetLatestMention
    • Foursquare.Checkins - GetNearbyFriends
    • Google.Gmail - GetUnreadImportantEmail, GetUnreadMail, GetUnreadMailFromSender, GetUnreadMailWithLabel, InboxFeed
    • Stripe.Events - MoneyReceived
    • Twilio.Calls - GetLastCall, GetLastCallTo, GetLastCallFrom
    • Twilio.Recordings - GetLastRecording
    • Twilio.SMSMessages - GetLastMessageFromNumber, GetLastMessageThatContains, GetMessageThatContains
  • Response Format - added the ResponseFormat flag to all LinkedIn and the Google.Analytics.GetMetrics Choreos, allowing responses to be fetched directly in XML or JSON format.
  • Type Changes - ID inputs are now strings instead of integers.
    • Twitter - ID, MaxID, SinceID, UserID
    • Instagram - MediaID
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