Change Log 11.5.2013

New and Updated Choreos in SDKs and Library

To take advantage of these new and modified Choreos, you must download a new copy of the SDK. These changes apply to all SDKs downloaded after November 6, 2013. 


  • Disqus - expanded our coverage of the Disqus API by adding CreateThread.
  • eBay - added support for the eBay API, including Choreos for Finding items, and Shopping and Trading on the global marketplace.
  • Withings - added support for the Withings API so you can interact with a wide variety of smart devices including scales, blood pressure monitors and baby monitors. Bundles include: Measure, Notification, OAuth and User. 


  • Fedex.FedExLocatorRequest - removed from the Library's Run Mode until this underlying API method is fixed. Remains in the SDKs, though calls to it will fail until the underlying API method is fixed.


Updates to existing Choreos to keep API support current.

  • #13140 Wordnik - the following Choreos in the Word bundle have a new input called "UseCanonical" to allow retrieving canonical information. The old "Cannonical" input is still available, though deprecated and hidden from the Library's Run Mode. SDK code using the deprecated input variable will not cause an error, though code should be updated to use the new input variable.
    • GetTopExample, GetEtymology, GetAudio, GetFrequency, GetExamples, GetPronunciations, GetHyphenation, GetRelatedWords, GetDefinitions
  • #14268 Gmail.SendEmail - now returns "status" output variable which is "true" on success.
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