Change Log 4.30.2015

New and Updated Choreos in SDKs and Library

To take advantage of these new and updated Choreos, you must download a new copy of the Temboo SDK. These changes apply to all SDKs downloaded after April 30, 2015. 

New Choreos

  • Dropbox.FilesAndMetadata.LatestCursor

Updated Choreos

  • Amazon.SQS: SQS Choreos have been updated to use the latest API version.
  • Disqus.Posts.VoteOnPost: AccessToken is now required for the VoteOnPost Choreo.
  • GitHub: Additional pagination parameters have been added where appropriate.
  • Instagram.UserIsFollowedBy: An input for the Cursor parameter has been added.

Hidden Choreos

  • Facebook.Actions.Posts.CreatePost
  • Facebook.Actions.Posts.DeletePost
  • Facebook.Actions.Posts.ReadPost
  • Facebook.Actions.Posts.UpdatePost
  • Facebook.Publishing.CreateEvent
  • Facebook.Publishing.PublishNote
  • Facebook.Reading.Checkins
  • Facebook.Reading.FriendsRequests
  • Facebook.Reading.Notes
  • Facebook.Reading.ObjectsWithLocation
  • Facebook.Searching.FQL
  • Facebook.Searching.MultiQuery


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